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The tourism industry in Dubai and the UAE has continuously proven then it can withstand many challenges. Real estate industry has seen growth across the region especially in Dubai even at this challenging time by actively responding and handling the situation which poses a huge opportunity for property owners to increase their revenue by renting out their vacation home on a short-term basis.

Short term vacation rentals are increasingly popular in the world nowadays with a fast rising market. People are constantly looking for comfortable and affordable accommodation in a great location to get the best holiday experience. If you have vacant apartment or villa in a good condition and a great location, you can earn great revenue by renting out your property on short term basis instead of leaving it empty until a 12-month tenancy.

The Ultimate Benefits of Short-Term Property Management Service

With extraordinary development and growth in the tourism industry within Dubai, tourists have started opting for residential spaces to stay at during holidays instead of choosing hotels. This is why there is a growing demand for short term rentals.

Now you can generate a significant amount of revenue by renting out your unoccupied space for a few days and make a lot more than long term monthly rentals. This also provides a great deal of flexibility for the property owners to fix the rates as per the demand and supply and designate some days for their own use.

With Frank Porter, there is no need for you to stress out about taking care of your property and listing it on the right platforms. We manage everything while you are away so you do not have to care about customer dealings, maintenance and listings.

Frank Porter – A Trusted Property Management Company In Dubai

Frank Porter is a name for quality and trust. We strive to offer credible services to our clients by providing reliability and dependability. Our team is focused on meeting the growing demand for complete expert services in Airbnb management, hosting and short term rental property management.

We assist our clients in listing, renting, hosting and handling the guest management process. With our services, all you have to do is just sit back while we take care of everything for you. We not only help you in finding tenants by creating your profile, communicating with the guests and hosting their needs, but we also renovate, clean and capture aesthetic pictures of your space. We add value to your property and manage the prices, promotions and listings to help you maximize your revenue.

Renting local residencies as holiday accommodation for short stay is a great option for both the tourists and the residents. The locals can earn significantly by using their property as a holiday home. If this is what interests you, then connect with us at Frank Porter – a leading short term rental property management company – to receive a complete and comprehensive solution and guide to make short term rental property management easier and more effective.


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